Postpartum Depression Counseling:

“No one said it’d be easy but this is not what we expected!”  If becoming pregnant, having a baby, or adopting has left you feeling constantly anxious, sleepless, irritable, angry, and tearful even when you think you “should” feel happy, you may be suffering from symptoms of pregnancy or postpartum depression without necessarily feeling “depressed”. Rage, insomnia, worries, and even scary thoughts are common for around a quarter of all moms in the first year after adding a new baby to the family. Because most mothers with PPD are able to take great care of their children and will feel more anxious and irritable than sad, this serious condition is easy to dismiss. However, the cost of not getting support is high for mom and the family. Symptoms of PTSD are present for an equal number of women following childbirth. Women who don’t seek help early on may feel not like themselves for months or years. My approach is structured, solution-focused and individualized to help you feel better as quickly as possible. I have worked with hundreds of “postpartum couples” and have witnessed parterships strengthened, energy restored, and the experience of parenting enjoyed once again, or perhaps for the first time over and over again. There is hope. You will feel like yourself again! My expertise also includes working with those facing traumatic birth, a NICU babymiscarriageinfant loss, and termination.